We offer a wide selection of holistic treatments and bespoke fusion treatments that combine Eastern and Western techniques.

We are located at the Pilates & Physiotherapy Studio in Santa Gertrudis – Calle Venda de Llatzer 11 (opposite la Caixa bank) and at the Euroclinic of Dr. Giwer in San Carlos (opposite la Caixa bank).  On request you can book  massage sessions at the comfort of where you are staying, at your home or on your yaht.


Classic – 1 hour

A pampering  holistic fusion massage of the back, legs, hands and face with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, both invigorating and relaxing, combining a unique selection of Asian and Western techniques.

Full Body – 90 minutes

A pampering holistic fusion massage of the full body, with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, both invigorating and relaxing, combining a unique selection of Asian and Western techniques.

Hot Stone Massage – 90 minutes or 120 minutes

A deeply relaxing full body massage treatment with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, performed with hot lava stones (and cold ones if indicated) combined with selected massage techniques and gentle body moves. A very relaxing, deeply regenerating full body treatment with great equilibrating effects on emotional and physical tension due to universal force of the stones.

Sports Massage - 1 hour or 90 minutes

A focused deep tissue massage treatment combined with selected techniques to soothe sore muscles, stretch and loosen tense ligaments, and free joints from blockages.

Physiotherapy - 1 hour or 90 minutes

A focused therapy treatment with selected therapy techniques  and application of electro therapy, ultrasound, heat or ice if needed.  Additional tailored exercise instructions and information about the healthy movements and postural conscience in daily life.

For clients of all ages with or without a physician’s prescription in both acute or chronic states of pain, after surgery or accidents.

Clients with a prescription can claim reimbursement from their health insurance company.

Foot Reflexology & legs - 50 minutes

A deep foot massage following the principles of Reflexology performed in a lying-down position. Produces specific and general healing and detoxifying effects on organs, strengthens the immune system and restores the general well-being of the entire body.

Lymphatic drainage - 1 hour

A therapeutic massage with drainage effect to soothe cellular pressure and regulate the lymphatic system. Reduces cellulites, water retention and water in the tissue. Also indicated in painful states of the lymphatic nodes, after injuries or surgery.

kids massage - 30 minutes or 1hour

A tender massage treatment with oil for children to decrease muscular tension, to improve posture and harmony within the inner balance of each child, to improve performance and to reduce stress.

Thai Massage - 90 minutes or  120 minutes

Traditional Thai Yoga massage is a bodywork therapy based on yoga and has a long history of therapeutic healing following the concept of energy (“Sen”) lines running through the body. With massaging these lines and pressure points one can treat a whole range of diseases, relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, boost the immune system and balance the body energetically.

It is a full body treatment, Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. No oils or creams are used. The massage therapist uses hands to apply firm rhythmic pressure and deep massage.

Ayurvedic (Abhyanga) Massage – 90 minutes

A global holistic massage using warm oils (sesame, coconut, mustard oil and others) selected to suit the constitution of each individual: “Vata” (ether and air), “Pitta” (fire) or “Kapha” (water and earth). Through the activation of “Marma points” (107 vital points), the “Chakras” (7 main energetic centres) and the circulation of “Prana” (vital energy) are stimulated.  The use of warm oil helps to purify the body as pores open and toxins eliminate. Tensions, fatigue and other chronic symptoms are dramatically reduced.