We offer a wide selection of holistic treatments and bespoke fusion treatments that combine Eastern and Western techniques. On request you can book massage sessions at the comfort of where you are staying, at your home or on your yacht.


Treatment length: 60, 75 or 90 minutes

A pampering  holistic fusion massage of the back, legs, hands and face with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, both invigorating and relaxing, combining a unique selection of Asian and Western techniques.

Full Body

Treatment length: 75 or 90 Minutes

A pampering holistic fusion massage of the full body, with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, both invigorating and relaxing, combining a unique selection of Asian and Western techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

Treatment length: 90 Minutes

A deeply relaxing full body massage treatment with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, performed with hot lava stones (and cold ones if indicated) combined with selected massage techniques and gentle body moves. A very relaxing, deeply regenerating full body treatment with great equilibrating effects on emotional and physical tension due to universal force of the stones.

Foot Reflexology & Legs

Treatment length: 45 or 60 Minutes

A deep foot massage following the principles of Reflexology performed in a lying-down position. Produces specific and general healing and detoxifying effects on organs, strengthens the immune system and restores the general well-being of the entire body.

Lymphatic Drainage

Treatment length: 60 or 90 Minutes

A therapeutic massage with drainage effect to soothe cellular pressure and regulate the lymphatic system. Reduces cellulites, water retention and water in the tissue. Also indicated in painful states of the lymphatic nodes, after injuries or surgery.

Couples Massage

Treatment length: 60, 75 or 90 Minutes

Enjoy your time together in a couples massage, to regenerate, relax and rebuild good energy within your partnership.

Access Consciousness: The Bars®

Treatment length: 60 Minutes

A relaxing experience, similar to a massage or a good night’s sleep. There are 32 points on the head that store electromagnetic components of our thoughts and beliefs, gently touched with bars that bring you the more rewarding life you have always wanted. You open up your entire being for your chances and limitations are lifted. Obstacles are overcome such as existential fears, weight, love, money, faith and problems in communication. You get clarity in decisions you’ve never had before.

Big Calm Massage

Treatment length: 75 or 90 Minutes

This is a profoundly relaxing and healing treatment, combining Eastern and Western techniques. The therapist uses her skill and intuition to tune into your body both physically and energetically; locating and releasing blockages and nurturing energy into areas that are lacking. The treatment will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, grounded and reconnected to your inner self.

Happy Mummy Pregnancy Massage

Treatment length: 60 or 90 Minutes

Receiving massage during your pregnancy is the perfect way to nurture your body as it copes with the various challenges during this time. You will be lying on your side during the treatment so you can be completely comfortable.

Shiatsu Massage

Treatment length: 60 Minutes

Shiatsu (“finger pressure”) is an ancient Japanese healing method. It is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, pressure is applied to certain points along the meridians in your body so that your energy flows again optimally.


Face & Beauty

Dr. Hauschka Facial

Treatment length: 75 or 90 minutes

A beauty treatment which is based on lavender, rosemary, calendula, rose oils and masks to help you remember how beautiful life and you are!

Intense aromas as well as hot towels and the texture of the creams will give you a heavenly experience leaving your skin purified, silky and radiant! Dr. Hauschka products are 100% natural and work holistic to bring your skin, body and mind back into balance.

Kobido Japanese Facial

Treatment length: 75 or 90 Minutes

By stimulating the nervous system, the blood circulation, the lymphatic flow and by strengthening and softening the muscles, the Kobido facial helps unlocking energies in the face, neck and scalp through selected Asian techniques. It is a rejuvenating facial massage supporting the energy flow in the face, focused on minimizing skin-aging and fine lines, maximizing skin radiance, releasing toxins and impurities to normalize the skin’s moisture, re-establishing hydration balance and reducing mental and psychological stress to facilitate deep relaxation of the body and mind.

Energetic Facelift TM

Treatment length: 60 Minutes

This treatment is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of ageing. What if you could have a natural facelift instead of going under a knife or having to resort to chemicals like Botox? Through loving touch on your chest, neck and face rejuvenating energies will remind your muscles to tone up and relax where needed.
An amazing process that smoothes, tightens and rejuvenates your face and body. Does it get any better?

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What They Say

"Top class, five star professional treatment. I suffer from sporadic lower bad back pains and just one trip to Silvia always sorts me out... for ages!"

"She really helped my quickly when I had very painful trouble with my back."

"Silvia treatments are divine! Her wonderful healing hands, paired with her profound knowledge of how the body functions give you the necessary trust to relax completely and allow the body to adjust itself back to wellbeing. You will feel reborn!"

"One of my favorite therapists ever!
Her hands heal!!!"


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