Massage & Guided Meditation

180.00 3 hours

A unique combination of massage and guided meditation this treatment heals both body and soul (mens sana in corpore sano). During a holistic, full-body massage with sweet almond oil and natural essential oils, the therapist will find any tension in your body and explore personal issues that strain both the mind, body and soul. The treatment concludes with solutions being conveyed via hypnotic relaxation which makes acceptance easier and leaves you feeling happier, with a greater connection to your internal self.

Regular sessions are recommended to ensure the breakthrough to a better life.

Topics for guided meditation include:
● Loving kindness – strengthen self-love, self esteem and essence within yourself and the love & kindness for others.
● Heal your inner child – heal your wounds from the past & from your childhood – love, heal & nurture your inner little self to become whole again.
● Letting go of negative thoughts & un-useful patterns – let go from unhealthy habits, beliefs & behaviours that sabotage your life.
● Learn to be in the here & now – from the here & now, free from the past create the future, become calm & focused.
● Free from fear – become aware of negative emotions and negative thinking that are not you – learn to release them, free yourself!
● From unconscious to conscious – become aware & awaken your higher self – learn to attract the life you want!