Massage Ibiza

Massage Ibiza was founded by Silvia Sieber, a fully qualified Swiss physiotherapist with a long-term professional background in medical physiotherapy, manual therapy, myofascial therapy, massage, medical rehabilitation and medical training therapy.  She is both a massage therapist and has experience in management of health & beauty spas, and spa consultancy.


We offer a wide selection of holistic treatments and bespoke fusion treatments that combine Eastern and Western techniques.  All members of the team are fully qualified therapists with long-term experience.

Location and services

We are located at the Pilates & Physiotherapy Studio in Santa Gertrudis – Calle Venda de Llatzer 11 (opposite la Caixa bank) and at the Euroclinic of Dr. Giwer in San Carlos (opposite la Caixa bank).  On request you can book  physical therapy sessions at the comfort of where you are staying, at your home or on your yaht.

Health Considerations

Please notify us when you make your reservation if you are pregnant, if you have allergies, high blood pressure, physical ailments or disabilities, so that we can ensure you receive the most appropriate care.

It is strongly recommended that you do not consume alcohol or eat prior and immediately after to any treatment.


Please either call or email us to book your appointment, or if you’d like to discuss any of the treatments available.

Gift Certificates

Individual gift certificates and treatment vouchers are available and can be purchased either in person or reserved over the telephone or by email. Discounts for purchase of multiple treatment vouchers are as shown below:

Treatment vouchers

Voucher for 5 treatments:    5% discount
Voucher for 10 treatments: 10% discount
Voucher for 20 treatments: 20% discount