Coaching & Guided Meditation

150.00 60 minutes

Silvia Sieber and her team are dedicated to coaching based on guided meditation, NLP, trance induction, hypnosis and rapid transformational therapy. We specialise in personal growth, codependency, toxic relationships and trauma bonding, as well as relationship problems, health and behaviour difficulties.

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Topics which may be explored in coaching sessions include:

Love yourself & raise your self esteem

If you were brought up to believe that what you feel, think, need, and want is unimportant, you became someone who was forced to hide the true self. You live by pleasing people, you set no limits, you are often depressed, empty and exhausted, lonely, angry, fearful and believe that you cannot change your own life. Let us help you discover the precious jewel within you and learn to love yourself. Are you ready to find a life of love, fulfilment and bliss?

Breaking free from Co-dependency!

If we believe that we are unworthy, we see threats everywhere. We can become reactive, anxious, depressed, addicted and often pull people into our lives who reflect our childhood experiences. We never feel good enough and no matter how much we do, we never feel enough.

Unresolved childhood trauma affects the developing brain. If you grew up in an unpredictable and unpleasant home, your brain is focused on survival. As a result, poorly adapted coping skills become a lifestyle. The addiction is rooted in shame, abandonment trauma and the fear of being rejected.

If you worry more about what others think about you than what you think about yourself, if you have trouble loving yourself, if you tend to take others’ needs before your own needs, if you feel invisible, if you are worried that you are not good enough, if you are in unhealthy relationships, if you do not know how to feel or process your feelings, please trust that there is a way of healing. With the right knowledge, the right guidance, the right tools and the right support, unconscious codependent behavior can be corrected. Book now and regain your true independent self.

Healing from emotional abuse and trauma

Unresolved traumas from the past put a strain on our intimate, professional and family relationships because our brains are set to survive and are on high alert. Complex post-traumatic stress disorders manifest themselves in increased irritability, anxiety & panic attacks, sleep disorders and emotional imbalances. Our brain is in a constant state of struggle or flight.

Let us help you get healthy and free again!

Healing your inner child and become your true, authentic self

If we believe that we are not good enough, we have to learn to reframe this belief. We need to learn to believe that we are enough. If we are not aware of our weakened, injured inner child, we are easily disturbed, nervous and overwhelmed. When we discover the hidden trauma and faulty self perception, we find the self-sabotaging behaviors.

If we increase our self-confidence, learn new coping skills and heal the trauma that is responsible for our faulty unconscious programming, we can improve our ability to deal with daily stress factors. We are less worried at work, at home, in our relationships, and in our own skin. We learn that we are enough. If our inner world changes, our outer world will change. Heal your inner child NOW!

Become your best version – awaken your Higher Self

Find the way to an ultimate life where you can have it all! If you can surrender to the ABSOLUTE and NATURAL laws that govern this universe, you can enter the quantum world that controls our existence. The world is a place of vibration and we are energy in motion. By learning to control your thoughts, free of the pain of the past, in the here and now, to respect your emotions and not to fight them, but to accept them as indicators of the self and to synchronize with the universal and omnipresent love, you will discover the secret of a life synchronized with existence. Are you ready to connect to universal energy?

Heal from inner disconnection from your emotions to become whole again

When we have been wounded as young children, suffered abandonment or lived in dysfunctional families, if we had role models such as parents with poor coping skills and addictions, we unconsciously take on faulty beliefs & behaviour either by disconnecting ourselves from our own emotions or adapting to dysfunctional behaviour of our surroundings such as passive aggression,narcissistic traits or even split personalities.

Let us help you free yourself from this wrong, painful software and reinstall new, authentic patterns that will make you feel happy again!

Spiritual awakening & finding our true purpose in life

Scientific studies show that most people are 95% dominated by unconscious behavior. To raise awareness we have to shed light into the dark. No problem can be solved at the same level of unconsciousness or consciousness at which it originated. Therefore, growth in consciousness is the only true way to peace, happiness and love. Then we discover our real essence and can see the deeper meaning of life and find out our purpose. Let’s go on your inner treasure hunt!