Blue Energy Healing

150.00 75 minutes

Sessions are held in a quiet, safe place, in a comfortable laying down position. Through gentle touch and using the power of blue energy old memories, usually from the hidden unconscious mind, are revisited, seen and transmuted and healed. All emotions are welcome and allowed in the safe space provided, until they are finally released.

“It is important after a session that the healing work continues and I therefore guide you into taking up a daily meditation practice with ongoing mentoring – for it is from within that we can truly see who we are as well as way to heal the wounds of past. I truly believe that we are able to heal ourselves from past trauma and physical body pain once internal energy blocks are seen and /or removed. The awareness of the tucked away suppressed feelings and emotions is enough to start the healing journey. Our outward life journey is reflective of what is going on inside. Heal the inside and everything will start to fall into place, it’s when true, lasting magic begins to happen.”
Paul Rafter