Holistic Energetic Empowerment

150.00 75 Minuten

Highly gifted, Melchior uses an awe inspiring holistic mix of IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine), Master Reiki, Theta, Quantum Healing, Chakra Balancing, Applied Kinesiology, Imagery, Numerology and Sophrology during his powerful and energising sessions. By combining these techniques, Melchior removes illusive blockages and belief systems that prevent you from living  your fullest life; harmonising your health, Improving your relationships and freeing the way to Material Abundance and Peace of Mind. You return to who you really are at your core. You reconnect your energy cords to the universe. Optimising overall health, well-being and freeing negative and limiting thought patterns and beliefs; you align once again to your harmonised centre and find your true purpose and passion, giving you the strength of self empowerment.

Melchior finishes each session with Qi grounding and coaching to highlight the insights and empowerment gained during the session. People will comment and ask what you have done to achieve your glow!  Completing one session with Melchior is the catalyst to begin moving out of Suffering, Survival and pain into living a more balanced and empowered life. Completing several sessions makes these changes more permanent and enables the move from Surviving to Living to Thriving. Melchior works in person and online and can also focus on illusive issues like tinnitus, arthritis, digestive issues, back problems, migraines, etc.